Castrol‘s recent TV commercial boasts, “Castrol Syntec Outperforms all leading motor oils“. For those who didn’t read the fine print, what they did was compare their “SYNTHETIC” oil against “NON-SYNTHETIC” oil. That’s about as bad as Ferrari running a commercial and showing how faster their car is compared to a Hyundai Excel! PATHETIC!

Their Syntec web site states: “A pair of identical cars – one using the leading 5W-30 conventional motor oil, the other Castrol SYNTEC 5W-30 synthetic oil – running side-by-side on dynamometers.”

Of course synthetic oil is going to outperform conventional motor oil!

Rather than make such unfair competition against conventional petrolium motor oil (AKA DEAD DINOSAUR JUICE), AMSOIL goes HEAD-TO-HEAD with the big boys on a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD and makes a fair comparison showing the differences between AMSOIL‘s synthetic oil compared to Castrol and Mobil One’s synthetic motor oil, as well as Vavoline, Pennzoil and others that you may be using now!

See the shocking results here.

If you do the numbers, a family of 4 owning 4 cars, each driving about 20,000 miles per year could EASILY save over $800 per year in motor oil changes from switching to Amsoil motor oil and stop using the Quick Lubes. AND THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE FUEL SAVINGS from using synthetic over conventional motor oil! Think people don’t drive that much? Take a look at some of the used cars in North Carolina. Some of those people rack up over 120,000 miles on a car in only 5 years!

AMSOIL  Synthetic Motor Motor Oil has been proven the best for 30 years and will dramatically improve your vehicles performancefuel economy and life!

First introduced for automotive use back in 1972 – MANY YEARS before any other synthetic motor oil was introduced handyman mooresville for automobiles. Amsoil’s 0W30 drain intervals are over 10x longer than conventional petrolium motor oil. When you sit down and do the math, all of a sudden the “low cost” motor oil you “THOUGHT” you were buying is actually COSTING YOU MORE THAN USING AMSOIL! When you factor in the better fuel economy, longer lasting spark plugs, longer starter life  and other components from using AMSOIL motor oil, THERE IS NO COMPARISON. For a car going 100,000 miles, that’s about 33 oil changes using conventional oil. Isn’t your time and travel to the auto parts store all of those 33 times worth something? And if you have a family and have 2, 3 or 4 cars, multiply those 33 oil changes to 66, 99 or 132 motor oil changes! Maybe this will help you understand why “BIG” oil companies are LOVING IT that you change your motor oil every 3,000 miles. They are MAKING BILLIONS in profit as long as you don’t find out about companies like AMSOIL!

Imagine the millions of dollars taxpayers could save if all of our local government branches implemented what’s on this web site!

Isn’t it about time you learned the truth? Learn what the auto manufacturers and your “friendly” dealership doesn’t want you to know about AMSOIL synthetic motor oil for your vehicle’s engine. And don’t think for a second that vehicle and equipment manufacturers, handyman in mooresville nc and other oil companies don’t know about Amsoil and the benefits of synthetic lubricants. Most have tested and analyzed it, and in fact, many automotive engineers that we work with use it in their own vehicles but still refuse to acknowledge to the public that AMSOIL Synthetics are superior to petroleum oils and any other brand of synthetic  and the proper mooresvile handyman company in every way and can practically stop internal wear in its tracks. And don’t let your local dealership service center tell you that you you have to use their brand of motor oil to “maintain your warranty”. That is the biggest untruth we have ever heard yet it goes on day in and day out.amsoil dealer

Current recommended practice is to change the motor oil in your engine every 3,000 miles with petroleum based motor oil as well as with other brands of synthetic motor oils. This is completely unnecessary with the AMSOIL technology that is available today, and has been available since 1972. The auto companies all know about AMSOIL but are ” afraid” of it. It can cause them lost profits in service work, parts sales, quick lube motor oil changes and on a long term basis, regular repeat vehicle sales since engines, transmissions and differentials have been proven to last longer with AMSOIL. Several dealerships we have visited stated that they like to keep customers coming in every 3000 miles so they can look the vehicle over and possibly find other components that they can service. amsoil dealer

Did you know that any petroleum motor oil only has a film strength of about 400 psi where AMSOIL has a film strength of 3300 psi and does not break downshear or loose viscosity under heat and stressPetroleum motor oil breaks down under heat and stress and leaves carbonvarnish and sludge deposits in your engine and allows your critical engine components to wear much more rapidly. It’s no wonder you have to change it every 3000 miles and your local quick lube or auto dealer can’t wait to see you again to charge you more of your hard earned moneyamsoil dealer

In a recent Lubricants World Magazine interview the president of Jiffy Lube International (owned by Penzoil- Quaker State), Marc Graham states that if they can get customers to shorten their drain intervals by 100 miles it would mean an additional $20 million in revenue for the company per year and if they can get consumers to do one more motor oil change per year it would mean $294 million for the motor oil change alone and $441 million in revenue when they include ancillary products and services that go along with the oil change. In fact, Graham openly admits that the bottom line is profits. The shorter the drain interval the more money companies like Jiffy Lube and Penzoil-Quaker State make. They don’t care about your vehicle and selling you a quality extended drain interval synthetic, like AMSOIL. All they want is to see the same customer over and over again as often as possible!amsoil dealer

police fleets, commercial trucking fleets and professional race car drivers would certainly not be endorsing it here with their testimonies. If there was something out there that was better than AMSOIL, those people would be using it. If the AMSOIL claims were untrue, they would be sued by Mobil 1, Royal Purple, STP, Redine, Prolong, Shell, Valvoline and Castrol. Police, fire, taxi, ambulance and commercial trucking fleets can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.

In fact, we know of several major NASCAR racing teams that use AMSOIL in their race cars yet the motor oil sponsors logo on the hood and quarter panels is not what is in the vehicle! They want you to believe it is….. but it isn’t. Fact is, every successful major race car in the world uses synthetics, and about 85% of them use AMSOIL synthetics. We know exactly who these racing teams are but are not permitted to advertise who they are because they have such a large amount of money at stake with their sponsors wanting the public to believe they are using the brand of motor oil that is is advertised on the car.

Synthetic motor oil is used in every commercial and military jet engine in the world, as well as in all spacecrafts. That’s because synthetic motor oil outperforms petroleum motor oil at high temperature extremes, low temperature extremes, and everywhere in between. Today experts agree, synthetic motor oil excels in all applications!

We are here to completely turn the petroleum motor oil industry upside down and expose the TRUTH, one customer at a time. Consumers are very smart these days, demand the best for their expensive vehicles and have the tools and technology available to do their own research and seek out the facts. We are here to help you achieve that goal in any way possible. We are extremely proud in our products and our technical competency to help you get the answers you need…fast and accurately! ASMOIL – typo!